For Customers
We provide our customers with a basket of world class brands

Why Choose Al Seer

Our highly skilled and specialized sales force have an in depth understanding of channel and customer needs. Their main objective is to work with customers to develop tailor made business solutions to maximize growth and deliver mutually beneficial business results.
World Class Brands

Al Seer provides its Customers with a large portfolio of world class brands that enjoy strong shopper demand.
A wide portfolio of strong brands results in Al Seer being able to deliver significant value to our customers. We look to build a win-win relationship with our customers by understanding needs and alignment of objectives.
Logistics Delivery

Al Seer logistics works 24/7 to fulfill customers requirements. Modern warehousing is available across locations in the UAE and Oman, and forms the backbone of our customer service commitment. This is supported by a large fleet catering to both dry and chilled products. ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications are indications of our commitment to delivering a better quality product.