What We Do

For Brand owners

We are keen to work with brands with a long term perspective of growth in the region

Why Choose Al Seer

Established and reliable: Al Seer has its origins over 55 years ago, and has grown from strength to strength over the years. We have grown to be the preferred brand building partner and one of the largest multi-brand distributor in the region.


Sales Force

Al Seer offers a highly skilled, channel specific sales force that consistently delivers excellence at Point of Purchase. Our dedicated strategic business units provide focus to each portfolio of brands. We invest heavily in training and development to ensure continuous upgrading of skills & capabilities of our people.


Customer Service

Al Seer’s large fleet ensures appropriate servicing of all channels. Customer service is a top priority for our group and we pride ourselves for being rated ‘Best-in-class Service’ by our customers. A well trained merchandising team ensures the right visibility and share of shelf across all channels.


Market Execution

Whether it is distribution, quality of presence, execution of activities, speed to market or category management, Al Seer flawlessly executes winning strategies translating in store, the brand objectives and channel needs. A well trained merchandising team ensures the right visibility and share of shelf across all channels.

For Customers

Why Choose Al Seer

Our highly skilled and specialized sales force have an in depth understanding of channel and customer needs. Their main objective is to work with customers to develop tailor made business solutions to maximize growth and deliver utually beneficial business results.



A wide portfolio of strong brands results in Al Seer being able to deliver significant value to our customers. We look to build a win-win relationship with our customers by understanding needs and alignment of objectives.


Logistics Delivery

Al Seer logistics works 24/7 to fulfill customers requirements. Modern warehousing is available across locations in the UAE and Oman, and forms the backbone of our customer service commitment.


Professional Sales Team

A well trained, channel focused sales team executes market plans and achieves brand growth.

Al Seer is Committed to

  • Achieving agreed objectives in respect to sales, distribution by channel, POP (point-of-purchase) standards and efficient use of trade investments.
  • Providing an organizational structure that is capable of delivering the business objectives
  • Managing key customers with set guidelines and to the best interest of the brand.
  • Leveraging the strength of the entire organization in negotiations with key customers.
  • Effectively and efficiently promoting brands through flawless execution of activities.
  • Evaluating and analyzing all major activities to measure and improve effectiveness.
  • Transferring best practices developed in the business.
  • Ensuring best-in-class customer service levels that meet the requirements of customers within each channel.
  • Providing our partners detailed performance analyses covering channels, customers and locations including market, trade and competition tracking.


Warehousing and Distribution:

  • Warehousing across 10 locations in the UAE and Oman includes full services facilities with real time data connectivity.
  • 75,000 pallet locations of storage space.
  • HACCP and ISO 22000 certified warehouses across 5 locations in the UAE and 5 locations in Oman which includes:-
  • Multiple temperature storage zones ranging from -22 to +18 C for optimal storage of goods.
  • State of the art racking systems featuring ability to select double deep, drive-in mobile racking, VNA and orbiter for optimal storage.
  • An extensive fleet of 330+ vehicles cater to product delivery requirements across all major channels.

Information Technology:

  • We use SAP based ERP systems with robust decision support systems that help to drive the business.
  • All locations are connected in real time to ensure optimal sales across all major channels.
  • Sales is supported by real time data.